The latest episode of the Simpsons is titled ‘Frinkcoin,’ and it is all about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The episode starts with Lisa having to do a paper on the most interesting person of the year, and she chooses Professor Frink. When she interviews Professor Frink he declares that he will become famous because he is developing his own cryptocurrency, and then he puts on the below video to explain cryptocurrency to Lisa.

Notably, the video talks about how cryptocurrency is closer to being the cash of the future with each passing day.

After that, Frinkcoin quickly became popular and is rated the world’s most stable financial instrument, beating gold, the Chinese Yuan (CNY), and roadside corn.

Professor Frink then becomes the richest man in Springfield, and he gets a big mansion. Mr. Burns, the previous richest man in Springfield, becomes jealous though, and hires a developer team to create Burnscoin.

Ultimately, the developer team decides they cannot make a cryptocurrency as powerful as Frinkcoin, but they could compromise all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Frinkcoin. The catch is it would take 90,000 years.

To speed up the process, Mr. Burns puts the equation to compromise cryptocurrency outside on a big sign, so that the general public will solve it. Professor Frink then anonymously solves the equation, since he does not want to be rich anymore.

Overall, this episode combined cryptocurrency with an interesting lesson about how money doesn’t buy happiness. Also, it seems The Simpsons are predicting that the cryptographic security of cryptocurrency will ultimately be compromised. Apparently The Simpsons has accurately predicted the future at least 18 times, but hopefully, it is wrong this time.