The Opera browser has announced that users in the United States can instantly purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) with a debit card or Apple Pay, and the funds will instantly be deposited into Opera’s native crypto wallet.

Crypto.IQ downloaded the Opera browser for iOS to confirm these claims, and found that the Opera browser does in-fact have a slick crypto wallet which is directly integrated, and that Ethereum (ETH) could be purchased with a debit card instantly via crypto exchange service Wyre.

Apparently Wyre only charges 2.9%, which is quite competitive with retail crypto exchanges like Coinbase. What makes this service even more competitive than Coinbase is that users do not have to create an account or go through intensive know your customer (KYC) verification on the Opera browser, users simply have to enter in their payment information.

Although the Opera browser is not considered a major browser, it is still well-known and reputable, and it could certainly increase crypto adoption now that any Opera user automatically has a crypto wallet, and that they can buy cryptocurrency with this wallet instantly without any hassles.

Further, it is rare to find an exchange where crypto can be bought instantly with little KYC and for low fees, and in general Opera’s crypto service could prove useful for all crypto users who need a hassle free way to buy crypto.

On a final note, the Opera browser can directly interact with Ethereum dApps, and it is essentially a more streamlined version of MetaMask. Therefore, the Opera browser could increase Ethereum (ETH) adoption by offering an easier to use alternative to MetaMask.