Headed into the weekend, we thought it best to look at charts that were linked to tokenizing assets such as real estate as well as coins that might be involved in the new type of ICO.s: STO’s (security token offerings).

Ethereum (ETH) is bouncing off a trendline at $137 (Figure 1). This is promising because a look at today’s volume with an internal indicator hints that today’s rally was met with less selling than prior up moves in Ethereum (ETH).

 Figure 1

Ravencoin (RVN), the recent favorite in the “tokenization of everything” race, has a chance to make a new high of 0.00002000 satoshis (Figure 2).  If that happens, the rally could take the form of a vertical, emotional rally where smarter money distributes to latecomers.

 Figure 2

STO play Polymath (POLY) has glided to a support zone where long-term players should consider buying.

Bottom Line: It would be nice to see Ethereum (ETH) keep moving higher. That would lend credence to the move in alts like Ravencoin (RVN).  We don’t know if Polymath (POLY) can join in on the alt rally. If it does, Polymath (POLY) could go up a lot.

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