Earlier this month a massive Twitter hack made national headlines.The accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, as well as numerous major crypto related twitter accounts, were hacked, and a similar message was displayed on all of them where people were told to send $1,000 of Bitcoin (BTC) and then they would receive double their money in return. 

This sort of scam on Twitter has been around for ages, but never has it been conducted on such a large scale, and both Bitcoin (BTC) and Twitter received a large amount of negative media attention. Ultimately the hacker stole $100,000 of Bitcoin (BTC) in just one day. 

However, the hacker mastermind has been caught. Apparently he is a 17 year old kid from Florida, and now he is facing 30 felonies. Specifically, the charges are one count of organized fraud over $50,000, 17 counts of communications fraud, one count of fraudulent use of personal information, 10 counts of fraudulent use of information, and one count of accessing computers without authority. 

Essentially, the hacker is being charged for identity theft, stealing the money, and hacking into Twitter, and it is clear he will be going to prison for a long time. Also, in the end there’s zero chance he will get to keep the $100,000. 

Let this be a lesson to wannabe hackers out there. This guy pulled off a massive hack of unprecedented proportions, and in the end he won’t get to keep a dollar of it, and will instead spend a large chunk of his life in prison.

On a final note, it is unknown how exactly the hacker was caught. However, it is important to point out that Bitcoin (BTC) is easily traceable via the blockchain, and the hacker was possibly exposed when he tried to cash out some of the Bitcoin (BTC). 

Essentially, originally the national media reported that the hacker chose Bitcoin (BTC) because it is anonymous, but that is not the case. It is quite possible that the hacker was caught because he used Bitcoin (BTC), rather than a truly stealth cryptocurrency like Monero (XMR).