Perhaps the most interesting chart in all of crypto right now is the chart of Tron (TRX). TRXBTC is pressing against a big level at 757 satoshis (Figure 1). It’s not clear right now if Tron (TRX) can break through that level. We imagine it would be really bullish if it could.

 Figure 1

The technical set up in Ethereum (ETH) is more interesting than the quiet price action would indicate. Ethereum (ETH) is perched on top of $115 (Figure 2). That level is the 62 percent retracement of the recent bounce off the lows and a high volume price.  There is also a major Gann level near $115 as well (not shown).

 Figure 2

In Litecoin (LTC), we are trying to make sense of the consolidation pattern. It has an odd shape to it. There is a high volume price near $31.54 (Figure 3). That seems like good support for the moment.

 Figure 3

Bottom Line: Sometimes, in technical analysis, the watching and waiting part can be just as important as the periods with heavy action. Price action may be slow but the Crypto.IQ Trading Desk actually works very hard in this environment, looking for the signals that trigger the next big move.

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