Twitter has added a Bitcoin (BTC) emoji, which can easily be added to any tweet by simply typing #Bitcoin, as seen in the below tweet.

Although this seems like a small thing, it has caused crypto twitter social media engagement to hit the highest levels in the past year by far, with 113,816 social media posts involving Bitcoin (BTC) in the past 24 hours.

Further, 12 hours after the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji was added, #Bitcoin became the top trend on Twitter.

Although it can be speculated that more people talking about Bitcoin (BTC) on social media leads to increased crypto adoption, it is likely that this trend is short lived, and is mostly due to crypto twitter users being eager to try out the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji for the first time.

However, Twitter CEO and crypto influencer Jack Dorsey is not stopping with the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji on Twitter, he tweeted at Unicode, which is the standard for all text characters and emojis on the internet.

Essentially, it seems Dorsey is calling for the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji to become part of the Unicode standard, and if that happens the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji would be easily usable across all forms of applications, such as on text messages. This could theoretically help to increase Bitcoin (BTC) adoption, especially when considering that the Bitcoin (BTC) symbol would suddenly be an option on every computer and smart phone in the world.