VR Motion Communications plans to hit 500,000 downloads by 2022 for its 3D and 4K VR social media apps. It will commence it’s Initial Exchange Offering this month effectively ending the funding round for the Moco platform.

The project initially based on the Ethereum blockchain will introduce high tech services in three areas. The areas include 4K/8K Live and Streaming services, 3D/VR Live Video Chat, and the 3D Avatar Chat called “MoMoCo.”

VR Motion Communication is taking digital communication to a new sphere by blending VR with other innovations. It has enhanced interactions through AI motion capture, blockchain, augmented reality, 4K/8K Video compression, and AI Automatic 2D-3D conversion.

MoMoCo 3D Avatar Chat

The company will launch the MoMoCo 3D Avatar App in 2020 or 2021. The tech company is targeting 500k downloads by 2022. The positive aspect of MoMoCo beside 3D chat is the issue of personal data security and anonymity. The app will be the forerunner in 3D mobile chat.

The app will also offer social games, 3D Avatar trading marketplace as well as a reward system and “Fight Club” challenge game. Blockchain technology will secure the copyrights of avatars and those of created goods.

4K/8K Video Streaming

This service will enable the MoCo Platform and other business partners to process, edit, and broadcast high-quality video formats. So far, the company has patented the technology for this service that is called AI Video Compression. It will make it possible to reduce 4K/8k content by 99% of the original size while maintaining quality. Users can access content through mobile phones, PCs, and TVs. The streaming tech will facilitate the broadcasting of popular events such as the Super Bowl. Streaming and video will also be under smart contracts.

AI Motion Capture

This is MoCo’s most advanced product awaiting a patent to launch in Q4 2022. This will make it possible to interact in the virtual world with a normal phone or webcam. The tech collects sensory and visual data and translates it into a HD 3D representation of the subject. A smartphone is enough to guide the objects.

MoCo digital token

MoCo has an internal currency called MoMoCoins. Users can buy it in-app through Apple or Google stores. Alternatively, you can earn the coins by taking part in the platform. You collect coins by playing games and communicating in the MoMoCo 3D Avatar Chat App. You can exchange the coins for real cryptocurrency.