It seems clear that all the major organizations are looking forward to blockchain for overhauling their operations. Particularly, businesses linked to the retail and supply chain industry are trying out different blockchain solutions.

Walmart, the American retail giant, has filed a patent recently for its drone communication system that is based on blockchain tech. The patent was submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office on Aug. 1st.

In this patent, the retail corporation has described its drone system with capabilities of encrypting and storing all operational parameters of a drone. Later on, the information is communicated to another drone where it is decrypted, read, and the parameters are configured. 

Thus, Walmart is planning on establishing a vehicle-to-vehicle drone communication system. The drones will communicate over a mesh network, transmit messages to each other, and will make sure they know of the operations as well as locations of one another. The information being communicated will have important data such as flight heights, flight speeds, drone identification number, battery information, loading capacity, and the flight routes.

For ensuring seamless operation, the company plans on using an unmanned aerial vehicle blockchain-based coordination system. Furthermore, it explains that the encryption of data on this decentralized ledger is helpful in uncompromised execution of operational parameters.

The patent explains how blockchain technology would be beneficial and claims:

“A blockchain ledger may store any kind of information that may be stored in any other format or medium, for example, a large list of instructions of different types, navigational information, and maps. In such a way, a same software profile may be deployed across the cloned drones.”

Remember that the application is still under review and it’s not the first time we have seen a blockchain-based patent being filed by Walmart. In 2017, Walmart filed a similar patent for drone tech based on blockchain.

Walmart is also participating actively with other tech giants, such as IBM, in different blockchain-based projects. It is working with the American Food & Drug Administration as well to track pharmaceutical shipments with blockchain tech.

Earlier in August, the company filed another patent that was dubbed “System and Method for Digital Currency via Blockchain,” for the launch of its own digital currency.

“Generating one digital currency unit by tying the one digital currency unit to a regular currency; storing information of the one digital currency unit into a block of a blockchain; buying or paying the one digital currency unit,” the patent notes.