YouTube, the most popular social media website for videos, is apparently censoring cryptocurrency-related content. Without any warning, crypto videos from the popular content creators Chris Dunn, Crypto Tips, The Cryptoverse, and Node Investor have been removed.

Even worse, those content creators received a one-week ban and a stern warning that if they continue to produce similar content they will be permanently banned.

Apparently most of the deleted crypto-related videos have been classified as ‘harmful or dangerous content,’ although one content creator reports that their deleted videos were classified as ‘sale of regulated goods.’

It seems that fairly benign videos that simply discuss crypto market analysis are being classified as harmful or dangerous content and being deleted. Chico Crypto claims that one of the deleted videos was simply asking users if they have ever heard of Bitcoin (BTC).

It seems that YouTube is classifying cryptocurrency in general as harmful or dangerous content. It is possible that this is simply an overreaction to crypto scams, and that YouTube is blanket deleting crypto videos instead of taking the time to weed out the crypto scam videos. If this is true, this move would be similar to how Google Ads and Facebook Ads banned all crypto-related advertising in the past rather than filtering out ads which were crypto scams.

YouTube has yet to clarify the situation, and at this time YouTube’s terms of service do not yet indicate that crypto-related content is banned.

In the worst case, the crypto community could start using blockchain-based alternatives for video sharing such as Steemit, DTube, and DLive.